Unique Events: How to Plan Your Casino-Themed Wedding

Unique Events How to Plan Your Casino-Themed Wedding

Getting married is a once in a lifetime event for some, so they try their best to make it memorable. Having a themed wedding is not a new trend, but setting it into a casino is not a regular choice. This article may help you plan your ideal wedding, so you better keep track of our advice.

You will need some time to perfect it, but you will never regret going after what you like. Here is some advice when planning your casino-themed wedding.

#1. Prepare for a Fancy Party and Not a Low-Budget Wedding

Casino themed wedding

Since you decided to be unique, your budget should conform to it. Make your wedding bold and fancy like the set up in the Casino Royale movie. However, please make sure that your guests know about your theme. You do not want to see a single person wearing a floral dress in a sea of tuxedos and Audrey Hepburn fashion.

If you do not know about styling, you can talk with a wedding planner who knows how to mix and match colors. In this regard, you can make use of gold, black, and red because they symbolize money and luck. However, you do not want to make your special day a gathering of cults, so please be mindful of using many dark-colored tones.

#2. Casino-Themed Wedding: Plan Out the Whole Activity of Your Guests 

You can put a period in the program where your guests can play at their own will some cards and table games. You may also set up slot machines for the kids and teenagers, but do not involve real money here. It would help if you always thought outside of the box.

While you want to keep your guests entertained, you do not want them to lead away from the day’s real deal, your wedding. Instead of letting them play in groups, you can ask the single men and women to find their partner cards. You can also include a game where they have to spin a wheel, and the one who gets the jackpot will get a grand souvenir.

#3. You Can Set Your Wedding in a Real-Life Casino Hall

Real-life casino hall

To make it closer to reality, you can rent a casino for a day to hold your wedding. You can save some time and money in finding the equipment you need and other materials that you can only find in a casino. It will help if it is a casino resort so that your guests can have a choice to stay overnight to enjoy the pool or the beach.

Some other places have grand chandeliers and exquisite gardens where you can take your wedding photos. All you need is to have the patience to find the perfect spot for your wedding, and everything else will follow.


Being unique on your special day is never wrong. Pulling off a casino-themed party is even better because your guests will always remember how grand your wedding was. However, putting so much effort means you need more money to invest in your wedding. It is to make sure that you can perfect everything on the checklist.

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