Queen of riches


Queen of Riches is a classic slot game that is suitable for both new and experienced players. It features an all original storyline written by game expert Bill Poulos. This means you don’t have to be a master of the slot machine game to enjoy Queen of Riches. In fact, it’s probably best suited for those who have never played before and are looking for a fun slot machine with some old-world appeal.

Queen of Riches online slot game was designed well by Big Time Gaming to provide you with a vintage feel of old Egypt and its beauty. The attractive visual and smooth sound effects definitely keep you in a treasure quest mood throughout play. The layout is a unique Megaways 6-7-slot machine engine design based on Queen Cleopatra’s temple motif. The symbols on the reels are beautifully done using a variety of colored backgrounds, while the symbols themselves are vividly colored with a high degree of detail.

When reels are spun, you will hear two different kinds of sounds: a high-pitched whistle for the wild symbols, and a soft, low pitch for the regular symbols. The symbols are arranged in pairs of two. When you press the spin button, these pairs will move around the reels and expose the wild symbols that come forth. These symbols, in turn, will produce a sound effect that varies according to which symbol they are connected with. Some of them produce a high pitched whistle, others produce a lower pitch. In addition, some symbols will produce an arrow sound effect when they move.

The game mainly revolves around four themes: loyal subjects (bags of money), Egyptian gods (a golden jack), royal selections (a golden sickle), and symbols (a pair of golden dice). When you use the queen symbol, you get to select one of the theme icons and place your bet. When you hit the number on the reels that corresponds to that icon, you win. You can also purchase additional Queen of Riches video slot machines to add to your personal collection.

In terms of gameplay, this version of Queen of riches is no different from the traditional version. There are still coins that you need to activate spin icons, you still need to select icons to place bets and collect the jackpot, and the game still largely follows the same random pattern. What makes this slot machine different though, is that it offers players the opportunity to play for more than only one purpose. You can play to collect the $1 million jackpot and win the game, or you can play just for fun and set a single line on the reel to pull.

There are other variants too, such as the “full reel wilds” version that offers players a chance to pull double your money with each successful bet. You can also try the “double barrel wild” slot machine, which is available in two versions. The first has a regular reels where you place bets in four rows. The second version has the wild icon on two of the reels. What makes this variation interesting is that it is possible to pull back on the wild icon while you are waiting for the regular reels to be spinning. This means you can have up to three bets at any point in time, making this variation of the Queen of riches a fun, competitive game for players of all ages.

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