Casino Scams: Four Casinos That Scammed Players

World of the Worst: Four Casinos and Suppliers That Scammed Players

Casino Scams? Nobody wants to fall trap on casinos that do not pay your winnings, takes your deposit away, and does not give you the correct bonus. For years, there were online casinos who got away from these schemes. Do they still exist today? Yes, they do, and beginners are prone to scams from fake online casinos. If you do not want to add to our fallen players, you should note these names.

Casino Scams #1. Euro Partners Group Casinos

The leading game supplier of this enterprise was Playtech. It prides itself on the best tournament games that the supplier offers. However, players accused it of many things, including failure to process payments and blaming bonus abuse.

In 2009, a player won a $4.2 million jackpot prize, but little did she know that she may only withdraw $9,000 a month. She sued the group for this unfair policy, but she never got the full prize. Instead, she settled to 50% of the winning amount, so it will not take 40 years to withdraw.

Casino Scam #2. BetSoft


Who would have thought that a successful game supplier has full of surprises? BetSoft may be one of the leading brands today, but it did not have a smooth journey. One player sued the game provider for not paying him the entire winning amount that costs $500,000.

BetSoft fought its way to find loopholes on the players' claims by saying that he cannot win the prize out of free spins. The two parties settled for an amount and asked the complainant to make a public apology even if it was not his fault. What's more, the supplier lost its license from Alderney for some reason they did not disclose. What people know about it is BetSoft uses an unfair RNG to lure players.

Casino Scams #3. Lucky 18 Casino

This sketchy website met its end in 2009. An Israeli owned the site, and authorities arrested him the same year for offering an illegal website. While it promised players reputable and trustworthy games, it could not get away with the law. It failed to pay the players, so they started reporting Lucky 18. Rumors say that it rebranded in 2011 and releases games from TopGame Software.

Casino Scam #4. Rome Casino

Rome Casino

It may sound holy, but it is not. This casino faced many issues as it offered games that where winning is impossible. For example, they censored the satanic images from Diablo 13, and players cannot match any pictures of the reels. Some also claim that this online casino processes withdrawals too slowly, and most of its supplies from TopGames are scams. Rome and TopGames ended up suing each other, and the former later rebranded.


It will help you if you take note of casinos and suppliers that do not pay players rightly. Some do not also provide excellent customer service, which makes players a lot unhappy. So, if you do not want to become one of their victims, you better make sure that the casino is not in any way connected to them.

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